About Me

Alex pics.png

Current Status:

I am passionate about: Chatbots,  IoT, Interaction Design, building things!

I am currently reading: In the Bubble, John Thackara

I am located: Bay Area, CA

Core Skills:

Product Development (3+ yrs):

  • Constantly ideating, creating prototypes (Adobe XD, Python, sketches )
  • Capable in UX/HCI: need-finding, storyboards, A/B tests, heuristic analysis
  • Capable in business planning: marketing, models, partnerships, negotiations

Software Development (5+ yrs):

  • Favorite Languages: C / Java / Python / Javascript / Scripting
  • Favorite Tools: Linux  / Vim / Git
  • Knowledgeable In: IoT / Embedded SW / Internet Protocols / Run-time debugging (GDB)

My Story:

Our modern existence largely takes place in a digital world through phone screens and 4K retina displays. All the while, our digital interaction is becoming more pervasive and integrated in our lives — voice activated devices, passive sensor networks, smart devices, and chatbots are beginning to blur the separation between our digital and tangible worlds. What might the digital interactions of the future look like in the near future and in the long term, and how can we guide these emerging interaction paradigms to provide the most value and usability to users?

I am a passionate individual who is interested in understanding how technology works, how that technology can be applied to enrich peoples’ lives, and ultimately whether the venture makes holistic business sense. Through self learning, I am fluent in business models, knowledgeable in product design, and versatile in software development.

Currently I’m working on Assistant as a Product Manager at Google in NYC.

I received my B.S. Electrical Engineering at UC San Diego where I emphasized in software systems. During my time at UC San Diego I also had the privilege of taking Human Computer Interaction Design Studio with Prof. Scott Klemmer and Prof. Don Norman, which sparked my passion for UX / HCI and how it affects individuals’ relationships with technology.

My curiosity has pushed me into all sorts of roles: marketing and outreach for an indie documentary film; an IoT demo engineer for the Internet of Things World Forum 2015; a mini-MBA study abroad experience in Hong Kong; a business developer for a non-profit education startup sourcing OEM Android tablets off AliBaba  … the list goes on. I love learning new things and deepening my understanding of how the world works.

I am a US Citizen, born and raised in San Diego, California where I played tennis and ate loads of Mexican food. I also have permanent residency status in Hong Kong.

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