DIY: The “Nature” Headboard

The Inspiration

A little while ago I set upon the task of moving into an unfurnished room. I am excited to  have the liberty to design and create my own original space, and I want to share the first (of hopefully many) unique projects for the room.

My vision for the room is to have a bright, airy, comfortable room with as much “nature” integrated as possible. I arrived at my design palette: natural un-stained wood, white, and natural green.

Let’s talk about the “Nature” headboard. My previous room was cramped, and featured a monstrous cushioned headboard. It was by all means luxurious, but I’m not a fan of the aesthetic. It reminded me of heaviness, elderliness, and had a generally soporific air to it.

I wanted the opposite: light, spry, and charged with energy.

Here is the final product:

The DIY Part

Now for the DIY which is admittedly, and a little embarrassingly, simple.

What I bought:

That brings the total for just the headboard to $24, and including the full-sized frame, $114. Not bad!

Now for the dirty work, elucidated in numerous complex steps below:

  1. Build your Fjellse bed frame
  2. Shove a bunch of the SMYCKA dried leaves into the holes of the channel drain
  3. Place channel drain which is now chock-full of dried plant behind your headboard

And that’s about it! I included some pictures below of the process, in case you get lost between steps one and three.

(I found the channel drain after 30 minutes of desperately scouring Home Depot for something that could hold my SMYCKA and would save me from having to actually create something from wood and nails … and stuff.)



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